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Hello beautiful!

Let me guess, you´re a busy human being, doing your best, juggling life responsibilities but knowing you´re leaving something behind…Yourself. 

Believe me, I know how it feels to be busy and lacking the motivation to start something new and begin the journey of transformation. The mirror reflects not only the way you look but also the way you feel. That’s my life story and here I am today - happy to invite you to join my signature fitness programme and ready to help you to discover yourself again!

You’re in the right place IF:

-you don't like to follow strict diets, fitness schedules and plans. 
-you dislike or love sports.
-you are looking for organic results that really last.
-you want to look and feel better. 
-you have tried everything before and have almost lost hope.

Now you´re one step closer to a NEW YOU.  Welcome to a body transformation programme - Shapes in 60 days with Andrea! 

What is ¨Shapes in 60 days¨?
- It’s a full-body HIIT WORKOUT programme.
- There is a beginners option and an advanced option.
 - It is created largely on years of experience in studying physical anatomy and physiology.
 - The strategy is based on theory and personal and professional experience.
 - Fun cardio workouts plus AB training techniques.
 - An outstanding programme that makes it easy to stay on top of your goals.
 - Results follow-up template and accountability.
 - A personal PT that you can train at home with or bring to the gym.

Month 1 

- 5 workouts a week (approximately 40 minutes a day).
- Try and do what you can.
- Train smart.
- If you are a beginner, use the modified moves option until you get used to the workouts. 

Month 2

- 5 workouts a week (approximately 40 minutes a day).
- Now try and push your limits to get amazing results.
- If you’re willing to push yourself to a higher level, you will get the results that you once thought were impossible.


*As it is an extreme HIIT workout, if you’re not 100% sure about your physical health, CONSULT with your physician first, before starting the programme. It’s better to be safe and avoid any injuries!

In 60 days you will


  • Notice changes to your body shape.

  • Feel increased energy, change in mood and motivation.

  • Feel proud and happy about yourself.

  • Enjoy the journey the programme provides.

  • Understand that you can reach your dream results at any time, any age and any place.

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