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The Importance of Meal Planning

When I wake up - I drink water. And then I follow my daily rituals like having a shower, breakfast, and coffee. I choose light and rich in protein food but brainstorming every day new recipes or eating the same meals is not for me.

I take the time to plan what I and my family are going to eat tomorrow and a couple of days after. It helps me save time, energy, and MONEY! These three advantages keep me healthy and much more relaxed every day because our daily menu is clear.

Planning your meals will reduce grocery store trips, except you enjoy shopping but I have no patience for it!

When you plan precisely what and when you are going to eat, you´ll spend less money and you´ll have more control over your choices.

You´ll eat the right amount. It´s like the insurance for your hard work in case you´re very hungry and willing to eat double portion!

Lastly, planning your meals can help reduce food waste. While it might be nearly impossible to go 100% waste-free, some simple planning techniques can help dramatically reduce your food waste.

So, you can do some meaningful things using the time you saved by building discipline to plan your meals, you can also allow yourself to buy a new fitness outfit from the money you have saved. Perfect hack to free your mind, stay healthy, and fit!

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