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Tips To Prevent Post-Lockdown Injuries

That day will come. You know it will. The day you´ll grab your fitness backpack and will go to the nearest gym or train in the park with your besties. You´ll be back in the daily sports routine, running and all the activities you had a quiet long break from it.

I want you to know a few things before the lockdown ends and you´ll be more or less back to normal - be conscious. Even more when it´s about sports. As a coach, it is the main responsibility to make sure that everyone from a beginner to an athlete is safe from the injury that is going to take you away from your main goal. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to keep the body going without it breaking down in the end. 1. Warm up. It´s a BAD idea to workout muscles that are cold. Make sure you are warming up your body to increase your core temperature, blood flow to the working muscles, and also to mentally prepare yourself for the workout ahead. 2. Be smart about your training. Just because you could do a specific exercise before the lockdown, doesn't mean you can exercise with the same speed and energy today. "Too much, too soon" can be the number one reason why injuries occur. Be realistic and gradually increase your time and the intensity of your workouts. 3. Listen to your body. Your body will give you the signals you need to know when to back off. If that knee is feeling a little achy, your soreness lasts for more than the recommended, or you are just plain tired, then it is time to rest and recovery might be what your body is looking for. Make sure you take those rest days as your body is making actual gains during this time. 4.H2O. Hydration is just as important as your workout. Don't rely on thirst alone to tell you how much you need to drink. To keep those muscles working it's extremely important to drink plenty of liquids before, during, and after the activity. 5. Last, but not less important - get a personal trainer. If you don't know how to start an exercise program or progress to that next level safely, a personal trainer or coach is the perfect option. They can give you safety tips and progressions to either get you started or accomplish your goal without getting injured. Now that you have a plan of action on how to exercise after the lockdown ends without getting injured, keep it in mind and wait for it!

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