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Can I have [insert common food craving here]?

A huge question for anyone on a fitness journey is can they still have their favourite foods. Can they still have a drink, a slice of cake or a bag of crisps?

You can still eat chocolate, crisps and cheese and loose weight. It's about the quantity. Weight loss can be boiled down to intake vs output. If you consume more than you're burning, you'll put on weight. So, yes, you can have it, but consider how much you're having, and how often you're having it.

There isn't a "one size fits all" answer, but being aware of what you're eating, what your body is getting from what you're eating and using that to fuel your body is the perfect starting point.

I aim to work with my clients to empower them to make positive nutritional choices, not demonising different foods because that leads to binge eating and guilt.

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