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Diet and motivation

Everyone's motivation is different. It could be to loose weight, to lift more or to be able to keep up with your toddler.

Whatever your motivation, keep it sustainable.

I mentioned in my last post about demonising foods leading to binging. The most common goal my clients have is to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, approach it in a way that doesn't eliminate or label foods as "bad" or "naughty". The strength of these words on your brain should never be underestimated. When you eliminate a food, you will reach a point where you overconsume. Allowing yourself to have it, in a controlled and mindful way, free of guilt, will improve your relationship with your diet overall. By diet I don't mean "a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons." I mean "the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats." We all have a diet, it doesn't mean we're all -on- a diet!

It's a lifestyle change, not a restriction or an elimination. I work with my clients to improve their relationships with food and empower them to make choices that benefit their overall wellbeing.

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