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Full Fat vs Non-Fat

🍏 Nutrition Tip 🍏

Full fat vs No fat

When you're trying to loose weight, it's easy to pick no or low fat products because it's "the healthy choice". "No fat" doesn't mean better. This is something I try to educate all my clients about.

🔸Low or 0% fat products often have added sugar

🔸Your body needs fat, it's the sugar you need to watch out for.

🔸High fat diets that are low in carbs and high in protein can lower heart disease risk and decrease blood sugar

🔸Research has shown the low-fat craze was misguided

So, next time you reach for the low-fat option, be it yogurt, cheese or something else, to be "healthy", check the label and compare to the "full fat" option to see how much sugar is sneaking in with it.

⚕️ (Everyone is different, and no-one should go against the health advice of their GP)

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