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🍏 Nutrition Tip! 🍏

Sweet food and drinks like baked goods, frozen deserts, sweets, juice and soft drinks contain carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar. Other examples of simple sugar include table sugar, honey, molasses, syrup and jam.

There's a few things to know about sugar:

🔹 It has no nutritional value

🔹 Foods that have a lot of added sugar don't provide you with the satiety of other, healthier foods.

🔹 Simple sugar leads to cravings because your body never becomes fully satisfied from healthy foods.

🔹 Sugar-sweetened drinks are linked to an increased visceral fat which is a kind of deep belly fat.

Sugar related health problems include:

🔸 Tooth cavities

🔸 Low energy levels

🔸 Acne

🔸 Increased risk of developing certain cancers

🔸 Depression

A healthy diet helps to improve your mood and reduces the risk of health problems. To manage your sugar intake, look for foods low in sugar. Fresh fruits and vegetables, foods high in protein and unprocessed foods are all good options.

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